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Your consent
We will not sell, distribute or lease your name, address, e-mail address, credit card data or personal information to third parties (unless you got in touch with us by partners linked to this websites) unless we have your permission.

How to treat your purchases
Rapidly dry your shoes inside and outside after every washing in order to preserve them at best. Use specific dryers to avoid the collection of water around the stud and possible damaging rust.

Talking about accessories, we invite you to avoid excessive contact with water in order to preserve them. If possible, dry at best your accessories.

Sale condition and delivery
Buyer agrees to pay for the products according to the following terms and conditions. All orders are subjected to availability and price confirmation.

Delivery time can vary depending on the product availability. Delivery time guarantee and forecast concern Italy and are subjected to possible delays due to postal service or due to events for which we have no responsibility.
Purchases will be delivered by carrier within at least one week after the payment has been received.

Delivery is guaranteed within at least one week after the payment has been received.

The images and colors of products may not exactly correspond to the real effect of the Internet browser or monitor used and also the prints of the images and colors may vary as location and available to the artisan and used normally because the patterns are larger of the parts used for machining.

Our contract
After making your order, Maltese will send you an e-mail confirming the receipt: it is only a confirmation, it is not the acceptance of your order. The contract will be closed as soon as you receive an e-mail saying that your purchase has been delivered. The final contract includes only the items indicated in the confirmation e-mail we had sent you before the delivery.

Prices and availability
We always try to make sure that details, descriptions and prices on this website are correct, even if sometimes errors can occur. If the product that you chose has a different price, we will inform you as soon as possible and will give you the opportunity to reconfirm or cancel your order. If we are not able to contact you, your order will be cancelled. If you cancel your order after having paid the entire amount, you will get a total refund on it (except those of dispatch). When applicable, VAT will be included in the price. Delivery fees will be added separately; when applicable, delivery fees are clearly shown and will be included in the “final price”.

Customer service
For questions and information, contact our Costumer Service using the addresses on our website.

10. Return Policy
You have the right to cancel the contract or change a purchased item without giving any reason and without penalty within 15 working days of receipt of goods or, in the case of services, from the execution of the contract. The right of withdrawal or return is exercised by e-mail at
info@suerteshop.it communication shall reimburse any expenses you incur no penalty (except shipping), as quickly as possible, and in any case within and not more than fifteen (15) days from the date on which the SUERTE has been informed of your intention to exercise the withdrawal. In case of return or exchange shipments are borne by the customer. After we receive the goods back, the refunded amount will be equal to the value of the purchased item and not the way shipping costs will be reimbursed: transportation costs are never refunded in case of withdrawal. Following a Return required on an order with free shipping, we will not refund the previously not charged FREE DELIVERY (7.99 euro for Italy, EU 19.99, 29.99 for the rest of the world). Remember that the goods must not have been used. The seller reserves the right to refuse the return of the object if it has been altered, damaged and still has not been changed from the condition in which it left our laboratory.Non accept refund or exchange goods if the product is customized according to tastes of the customer, or in case of purchase of models not sold on the site.

11. About care og object

We remind all our customers how to wash the shoes:
-all the models must be placed in cotton bags before putting them in the washing machine;
-the studded without customization of fabric can be washed at 30 degrees;
-the customized with fabric should be washed with washing instructions “hand” in cold water with max 800 rpm spin or even better if directly by hand.
-for cleaning footwear treated with neoprene adhesive or applied fabrics we recommend the use of cold water, liquid neutral soap followed by a thorough rinsing. Avoid, if possible, machine washing.
-the custom silk and python absolutely must not touch the water, it should be cleaned only with a sponge, cold water and mild soap for hands. Avoid immersion and not dry in the sun or near heat sources (radiators).
-FOR ANY CLEANING OR WASHING OR CONTACT WITH LIQUID dry them completely and immediately, or as soon as possible with the hair dryer from the inside to prevent water accumulation inside the studs. Until the complete asciugatura.Questo in all cases of contact with water or liquids as said.
for each additional info please write in mail.


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